Has the way you define “success” changed with you?

I no longer define “success” as the money I make. Now it’s about joy and contentment.

A friend once shared that her definition of “success” was to be content. I was confused. Why settle for contentment? At the time, I was focused on my next promotion at work. “Success” revolved around my career, from the promotions I attained, to the money I made, to how busy I was. To be busy, even overwhelmed, meant that I was on my way to be successful. Last week, someone asked me what “success” means to me now that I no longer work in corporate. …

What my first trip to New York City taught me about saying “yes” to delight

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I’ve been reminiscing about the first time I went to New York City. I was 17 years old and giddy as I rode my first train to the Big Apple. I’d seen New York in the movies, but it was nothing compared to my first glimpse of the city as we rose from a tunnel and yellow cabs and Broadway show billboards engulfed us. On that trip, as my senses took in the sights, scents, tastes, and sounds around me, I experienced something sweet and simple: pure delight.

In contrast to that first trip, years later I found myself in…

I almost said “no” to Texas because of my assumptions. Today, I’m proud to call this place “home”.

When did I become a proud Texan?

One of my best friends in my New York college was from Texas. While I didn’t know much about Texas, I remember telling him the one thing I did know: that I could NEVER live in Texas (cowboys? no thanks!). Thirteen years have gone by since that declaration and I spent eight of those years calling Texas “home”. This weekend, my husband and I wrapped up our fourth month exploring Texas in our camper. …

Sometimes the reward comes first.

Being outdoors is not a “reward”, but an essential part of who I am

Last night, we took a walk around our new campground. The “weekend campers” (those who camp on weekends or for vacation) were setting up their campfires and playing yard games. “They’ve got camping right”, my husband commented. These people embraced the essence of what camping is about: slowing down, being outdoors, and savoring free time. We became full-time campers so we could slow down, be outdoors, and have more freedom ourselves. Not as a weekend reward, but as part of our daily lives. …

What you should know about the voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough (and how to quiet them down).

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I’m a new entrepreneur, which means I’m experiencing a honeymoon phase of business: everything is new and full of possibilities. I wake up each day with high hopes for how I will grow my client base, and I look forward to the creative process that goes along with building from scratch. I’m certain that I’ve made the right decision, trading in my high-paid management consulting job for start-up life. There is one aspect of being an entrepreneur, however, that is beginning to scratch at this confidence and positivity: my gremlins.

As a coach, I’m very familiar with gremlins — the…

These are the five elements that I learned make goals achievable

2019: The year we finally followed through on a new year’s goal and bought our new 84-sq. ft. home

The first year when I can clearly remember following through on a new year’s goal is the year my husband and I bought our current home — an 84 square foot “Casita” fiberglass camper. On December 31, 2018, we decided that 2019 would be the year we would stop dreaming and start doing. So, on January 12th, 2019 we boldly headed to the RV factory and handed over our down payment for a sparkling new camper. Four months later we moved out of our city apartment in Dallas and began our life as full-time RV nomads.

I often think back…

Goal setting isn’t enough. You need a variety of ingredients to support your success in the new year.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Last night, our cute 8-pound Chihuahua (“Lolis”), kept me up as she shivered and moved around in search of a warm nook in our blankets. Today, while Lolis napped blissfully in the sun, the lack of sleep took its toll on me. Tasks took longer to complete and as a consequence, my productivity suffered. Sufficient sleep is one of those ingredients that support or detract from our ability to pursue our goals. As you map out goals for 2021, are you also considering the conditions or ingredients necessary to support you in attaining those goals?

In the first of three…

This is not your typical new year’s list.

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

I love to plan. In past years, however, my planning process for the new year hasn’t worked. I’d imagine what I would accomplish (“run a 5K”, “lose ten pounds”, “start writing a book”) and then life would get in the way. Come March, I’d practically forgotten the list. Does this sound familiar? Well, this year, I’m stopping the insanity (i.e., doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result), and instead, I’m putting my coaching skills to work.

As the new year approaches, I invite you to join me and build your 2021 roadmap as I build…

Instead of relying on Tony Robbins’ advice, learn to tap within by becoming an active listener of your best teacher — you.

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

The other night, I watched the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix, “I Am Not Your Guru”, which follows the “nation’s top life and business strategist” over the course of a 6-day live audience event. During the first 30 minutes, I nodded along as Tony coached fiercely, guiding clients to dig within to uncover deep issues standing in the way of their goals. I was sold! At minute 36, however, things took an uncomfortable turn (more on that later)…

I permanently live on the road in 84 square feet. Here’s how I’ve learned to reframe my relationship with fear in the face of grizzly bears, drastic downsizing, and job uncertainty.

Being “fearless” doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear

As the forest ranger took off, leaving a film of dust on our shocked faces, we sprung into action, putting away anything with a scent that could attract a grizzly bear to our campsite. The ranger had just informed my husband and me that the most dangerous type of bear there is — a grizzly female bear (or “sow”) with her cubs, was heading in our direction: we needed to tidy up our site, stay vigilant, and keep bear spray on hand. …

Karla Parra

Mexican/American RV nomad. Former consulting exec turned career + life coach now helping others live their “someday” now and love Mondays.

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